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Helping Grace

There was the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of the Berlin Wall and then. . . there was the fall of my face! The two former historical events were much more noteworthy—many of you may think that the latter does not warrant any mention in the annals of significant historical events, Continue reading

The Perfect Christmas Tree: A Reflection on my Journey to Imperfect Perfection

Did you hear the hullabaloo over the city of Reno Nevada’s crooked Christmas tree?  The story was covered the other night on our local news and as I viewed the forty-six foot beautifully decorated yet crooked Christmas tree it brought back so many memories of my wanting Christmas to be perfect, my tree to be perfect…which all translated into: the burning desire for me to be perfect.Continue reading

Troubles got you down?

Resonance Repatterning

If I had somehow known about Resonance Repatterning in my early childhood days, I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and detrimental emotional and physical grief. Over the years, I have designated my spiritual, emotional and physical well-being as a top priority. I have been dedicated to my personal healing journey, which entails a very long list of healers and healing modalities and one of the first healing modalities that helped me very much was Holographic Repatterning, recently renamed Resonance Repatterning.Continue reading

Looking for signs?

Interview with Andrea Amptman

Andrea was first drawn to the world of spirit at age 18 after taking classes at a meditation center. A self-professed skeptic, she soon awakened to the realization of the importance of life beyond the physical dimension and immersed herself in learning more about the metaphysical world.Continue reading