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Jack Kornfield's book signing


There must have been a cosmic fire as I was coming into this world! As I was rushing through the life skills & preparation processing lines, I must have missed collecting one of the most important virtues for my lifetime swag bag. … the all elusive ability to be…wait for it…PATIENT! Ha! Who am I kidding, this Pitta, Aries Dragon in a classic show of impatience, probably pulled the damn fire alarm, to expedite my first peek into this world!Continue reading


I have finally stopped vibrating from the energizing buzz of ALOHA that has been humming through my body since Janene and I returned home from the Big Island.

Attending the Merrie Monarch as a vendor at the Grand Naniloa Hilton Hotel was such an amazing journey on Aloha Inspiration’s never-ending magical carpet ride. Continue reading

Medical Medium

Medical Medium

Last June, at my good friend Brent Becvar’s birthday party, I met a fascinating woman named Rama. We chatted most of the night, sharing all things spiritually meaningful to us, Rama spoke of a new book she had just read Medical Medium by Anthony William. I was so intrigued that I quickly ordered the book when I got home that evening. That next Wednesday, Rupali and I were hanging out, and I mentioned the book…cosmic coincidence!—she had just purchased the book as well.
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The Powerful Lakota Medicine Man

Question: What are you doing if you are: ingesting wormwood and cedar tinctures, inhaling burning cedar powder, squeezing with all your might to endure the pain of eagle feathers digging into the back of your ears and praying for assistance—to every god you know—that the deer bones gouging into the top of your skull will not puncture it.

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