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A Chocoholic’s Sacred Journey

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A Chocoholic’s Sacred Journey: A Tale of Spiritual Rags to Riches is an 80,000-word story about the journey of a healing aficionado, from her abandonment at birth, through her years of searching and healing, to a life of manifesting infinite abundance in all ways fathomable and beyond.

Mandy, a Chinese-Indian orphan born in Hong Kong is catapulted into a new life in America in 1965, marking the beginning of her life-long adventure of self-inquiry and seeking.

From the age of 16, psychics revealed to her a future of healing, writing and helping others with their own spiritual quests. In search for her inner light and the wholeness that would transform her deep-rooted issues from birth, Mandy is led to a captivating, eye-opening world of healing and healers while discovering her higher purpose and spiritual path.

This book offers an intriguing and multifaceted buffet of Mandy’s personal experiences with spiritual teachings and healing modalities that traverse different continents and dimensions, taking the reader on a wild spiritual ride. As she encounters a spectrum of readers and healers who open her to the magical possibilities of the ever-expanding cosmos, her path is splashed with captivating tales such as a Japanese ghost buster in Hawai‘i—who Mandy endearingly names the “Obake Buster” after he removes 100 demons hiding out in her body—to readings in India with rare Oracles in dimly lit rooms vibrating with a mysterious power.

With a voice of truth that emerges from her heart, Mandy speaks to readers in her quirky, humorous way, just as if she is engaged in an intimate talk with her closest friend. As you read and engage with this book, you will magically travel with her through these fascinating destinations—on earth and beyond—sharing laughter, tears, and her love for chocolate.

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