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Gotta wear shades

It’s all about the clothes, Meghan Trainor!

For Meghan Trainor “It’s all about the base,” but for me, it’s all about the clothes!

Yes, I admit it, I am a Centurian Black card member of the clotheshorse and Fashion Hound association. Don’t get me wrong, I love to schlep around in my ratty old sweats but I have to admit, right below chocolate, new clothes are my bliss.

When I got into yoga 12 years ago, the only cool yoga clothing available was Lululemon. All the other athletic giants like Nike, Adidas and Puma had not jumped into the burgeoning yoga explosion. Faithful to Lululemon for many years, I occasionally stepped out on my nuptials with Hardtail, Bali Buddha, Alo and Beyond Yoga.

Mandy and Shar get ready to boogie
My friend Shera and I get ready to boogie in class.

When Onzie made its splash onto the yoga scene, Bikram and hot yoga practitioners were soon wearing the bold and colorful designs. I was wary of the thin fabric since one of the main things I loved about Lululemon was the high-tech construction of the fabric which was made to control and contain. Even though Onzie describes its clothing to be “functional, flexible and flattering,” I still remained on the fence—envisioning my not-so-petite bootay and legs looking extra expanded and highlighted. The color black and thick-binding fabrics had been a perfect formula for many years…boring but safe.

Even with these sage words from Onzie…I was still wavering, like my Vriksasana (tree pose).

Onzie helps keep your body in check. You’ll feel supported from the inside and out…shaping the entire body. So embrace the awareness of your being, sense your core and feel secure. Focus on your strength and beauty. And for goodness sake, forget about those so-called flaws. You’re perfectly you.

The yoga clothing world then made a 180° turn, and everywhere I looked, I saw the “new wave” yoga legging. For me, it was one of those monumental turning points as when I finally switched from a PC to a Mac and high- to low-waisted jeans.

I purchased three pairs of Onzie capri leggings online and after a couple of test runs, I went all in. I spent hours researching yoga leggings and spent a small fortune on a brand new yoga wardrobe.

The best part about these new trend of functional high-fashion leggings is that they’re super lightweight and dry instantly. They’re perfect for your sweatiest practices!

Mandy in her fabulous Onzie tights!
My fabulous Eagle Rock Werkshop leggings!

When my yoga friend Rupali mentioned she was going to feature a yoga clothing article on her website BlissfulYogini, I offered her my extensive list of “Mandy’s favorite yoga brands,” which then morphed into “BlissfulYogini’s BIG Guide to Cool Yogawear.”

I’ve narrowed that crazy list down to my five favorite brands. One of the main reason why they have made the top five is EVERY TIME I wear their leggings, someone will comment how cute they are and ask where can they get them.

Goldsheep Leggings

1) Goldsheep Clothing

This company is out of Santa Monica. It has killer, creative designs. What makes this innovative company so unique is that it will alter any long legging to a capri length for no extra charge. My petite Asian friends are very appreciative.

Onzie Bell Bottom Leggings
Onzie Bell Bottom Leggings


Onzie Leggings
Onzie Leggings

2) Onzie

Onzie comes out with new designs regularly, and you may need to get a second job to keep up. But, Onzie has the best prices for the quality of clothing they are producing. I purchased three pairs of their loose bell bottom yoga pants to wear on my last trip to India, and they were perfect!

Eagle Rock Werkshop, Shape Up and Zara Tarez
My Eagle Rock Werkshop leggings are on the left; the ones in the center are from Shape Up and the long tights are from Zara Tarez.

3) Eagle Rock Werkshop

Really amazing artwork. I would buy more of these leggings, but again the highlighting of unwanted areas…is still a concern.

4) Sadhana and Bali Dog

I am grouping these two together because these are the brands that I shop for when I am looking for cool “spiritual yoga” leggings. Bali Dog has fabulous hand-printed yoga pants and bamboo fabric pants.

Alo Leggings

5) Alo Yoga

You might not have seen the new style of yoga leggings that look like you are wearing yoga leggings with leg warmers. They are very hip, very Pippi-Long-Stocking/Cat-in the-Hat-looking. They’ve become my favorite leggings to travel in.

My biggest shopping secrets

The yoga clothing world can be quite overwhelming, so I highly suggest you check out my four favorite shopping sites. These sites represent the best brands out there, and you can get a decent preview of the designs and style. Once you find a brand you like, go to that brand’s website. You’ll find a lot more choices.

  • My Habit – I must warn you, view this site at your own risk… once you get sucked into the My Habit Vortex, you will truly have a NEW HABIT! My Habit sends an e-mail everyday to you with popular brands that have their clothing, shoes, accessories, etc., significantly discounted. I have actually tried new yoga brands from this site as the prices are great and the return policy is a breeze. Just this March 26th, they featured Sadhana yoga clothing. Leggings were on sale from $80 to $39.
  • Online Legging Store – I was in class at the New Om World studio in Corte Madera last week, and the woman next to me was wearing awesome leggings with the Queen of Hearts all over them. Chasing her down after class, I proceeded to interrogate her about her fab leggings. She said it was a hidden secret, but she was willing to share it with me (probably so I would stop stalking her). The company is Online Legging Store. I had never heard of it. She said they have great designs, the quality is decent AND the prices are killer. Jumping into my car I googled the company and was shocked at how inexpensive the adorable leggings were. The Queen of Hearts leggings were on sale for $12.99! I also bought a cool pair of leggings with haunted houses on them for $29.99, which seems to be their most expensive price and another pair with peacock feathers on sale for $12.99. To my delight…super BONUS—the site always has special discounts so by using the discount “Madness” I got an additional 30% off.

COOL TIP: Most of the above sites offer a first time discount of at least 10% off when you sign up for their newsletter.

Happy Shopping yoginis! Trip the light fantastic on the magical, psychedelic, yoga-legging, roller-coaster ride.

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