Coffee Enemas

I know, you’re thinking I’m totally crazy including an ensemble of prep items for coffee enemas on my India packing list. Need I remind you of my packing list disclaimer: “I am aware this list is a tad over the top, but please use it as a baseline and add or delete according to your travel comfort and style. Namaste.”

For the past three years, wherever I am in the world, I administer my twice weekly coffee enema (CE).

I started off doing colonics (colon hydrotherapy) over 17 years ago. The results were amazing with everything from my acne clearing up to having no joint or muscle pain.

Susie and Jeff Turner, my Ayurvedic doctors, suggested coffee enemas many years ago. I was too busy to follow up but finally, when my friend Rupali started doing them, I was very excited to try them. Every Wednesday and Sunday are CE days, and believe it or not, I always look forward to them. Rupali knows me very well;  when she receives texts on those days, she always inquires, “CE time?”

I know you’re laughing, but CE time presents some nice, quiet down-time to follow up on texts and emails. Of course, if you prefer “Miller Time,” then your body could REALLY benefit from some CE time!

I am such a huge champion of CEs, that I almost gave CE starter kits for Christmas this past year. However, not wanting to give my friends even more ammunition toward the justification of my nickname…“Bizarro,” instead, I gently introduce the subject whenever I can. I can proudly report a CE conversion success rate of 60%.

Coffee Enema Prep Items

If you are interested in learning more about CEs and their benefits, please read these two articles and check out this website by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

If you decide you want to try one, please download these directions: Page 1 / Page 2

Here are the disposable enema bags I get through Pack of Four / Case of 48

Smooth Move

If you find coffee enemas are a bit extreme, the next best thing for travel constipation is Smooth Move. I love that Smooth Move comes in a capsule and tea form. I highly recommend you practice at home to find the appropriate dosage and time it takes for Smooth Move to kick in. On our last trip to India, everyone was constipated, but my friends did not want to try Smooth Move, afraid they would be stuck on an elephant or out in the boon docks and the call to action would come…