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Goddess Lunch at ShoreBird, Honolulu, HI


Our Goddess group formed around eight years ago following a discussion that Rupali and I had over the importance of having a “spiritual community.”

Mandy & Karen's birthdaysThe initial group was created from our yoga gang, and over the years, several members have moved away and new initiates have been invited in. Our original mission was to come together to offer an emotionally supportive space where we could connect and grow spiritually. From our Goddess Journals, we shared with each other our dreams, goals, fears and challenges.

Today we are a group of ten, with six of us being founding members. Over the years, our agenda has become less structured, and the main focus morphed into getting together to celebrate each member’s birthday. Two years ago, the Goddess group added hula lessons to the mix, and now the Yogini Hula Goddesses practice every Wednesday before celebrating birthdays with a potluck meal.

Hula Paina (Hula Party)Even though, eight out of ten of us are certified yoga instructors, and our conversations usually encompasses all things “yoga like,” after love and support, the common denominator that keeps our group inspired is FOOD! I have to admit, several of those satirical yoga rap songs, remind me of our group. Where else are you going to be schooled on “How to make your own Kombucha,” and what the acronym SCOBY stands for (symbiotic colony of bacterial yeast)?

Kashmir and her famous chaiWe had a Taurus birthday potluck for Rupali and Diana today. Considering most of us are either Paleo, Vegan or Gluten Free, the food is always creative and delicious. Kashmir lovingly makes two huge thermoses of her infamous chai—one with low fat milk and the other with almond. The amazing dishes that show up are such a treat, and it helps that a large part of the group are sophisticated gourmands. Joan introduced us to the recipe management app, Paprika, and it is a great vehicle to store our shared recipes. Some of the dishes have been pretty simple and have actually inspired me to dip my toe in the art of cooking…I know anyone who knows me is probably laughing. My friends still tease me that my oven has never been used, but, of course it has… how else would I cook a frozen Amy’s pizza?

The dishes I attempted have met my requirement of a maximum of five ingredients and came with instructions and actual measurements. None of that a pinch and dash of nonsense…This newbie, remedial cook needs hard-core accurate measurements. I had to look up for one recipe what a sprig of mint was. But, this left me more confused, as several sources reported it was from 2-5 leaves. Hello! That can result in a hint of cool and fresh tasting versus a mouthful of Scope. I am happy to report that I have successfully made Lynn’s avocado and mango salad, Karen’s Japanese cucumber salad and Jen’s roasted veggies.

Brownie BlissThe Goddess group’s desserts have been a highlight. Diana found a recipe from one of her favorite cooking websites, Epicurious, and made a delicious almond flour cake for the Aries Birthdays last month. Today, I was in charge of the Taurus birthday cake. I normally get the Chocolate Extravaganza cake from Cake works, which satisfies the GF requirement, but several members are now DF. Online I ordered my favorite scrumptious GF & DF brownies (Brownie Bliss by the Inspired Cookie), and served them with 3 choices of ice cream: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Coconut Bliss. For the dairy goers and further decadence, Karen brought a big can of whip cream. My dessert was a big hit, which is no easy feat, with such worldly, health oriented palettes to please. I’m thinking sundae bar extravaganza for the next birthday fete!

Diana had just come home from attending her mother’s beautiful celebration of life ceremony and shared some of the highlights. There was a unanimous consensus over the preference of having a mellow, low-key gathering, where friends and family rejoice and honor a person’s life. Rupali commented, “People should have parties and commemorate their lives BEFORE they pass.” We all realized that our Goddess gatherings are doing just that. We have found the glue that gathers and holds us together and allows us to celebrate ourselves and each other on a regular basis.

GoddessesTo all the Goddesses out there….find or create your own “community,” whether it’s a book, knitting, yoga, meditation, permaculture, gardening, cooking, paddling or Mah Jong club…find or create your own circle. It is one of the healthiest things you can ever gift yourself.