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Travel with happy feet!

Happy feet

One of the highest search engine inquiries is, “Best comfortable shoes for travel?”

After considering the terrain, distance, activity, time and packing space that you will be trekking in your travel shoes, it is a pretty simple answer…whatever makes your feet HAPPY!

For my life, I like to have as little baggage emotionally and physically as possible.

My first trip to India, I wore Mephisto sandals and 16 years later, my friend Corey wore these really cool looking black patent Mephisto sandals during our last trip to India.

For my third trip to India, I wore Crocs! I can hear the gasps from here, but Crocs are the perfect footwear when you are walking through filthy, polluted, feces-ridden streets.

A couple of years ago, I seriously stepped in cow poop twice. Believe it or not, you can find some stylish-ish crocs these days. I have a couple of wedge styles that keep me higher off the ground.

Pack light.

I loved this article by Smarter Travel on “The Ultimate Shoes for Your Carry-on.” The top picks are practical, versatile and I LOVE how they fold up to be so compact. I was happy to see my Yosi Samras made the list.

Travel with happy feet.
My Yosi Samras

My good friend Tania always has the best athletic shoes and turned me on to my most favorite Merrill vapor glove workout shoes.

If only Merrill could make a foldable pair like the ST-2 sneakers. I might just have to check those puppies out.

tanias-xero-shoesTania was over the other day wearing a really cool pair of light, yet well constructed, Xero sandal-like shoe/slipper.

As you can see, Xero also made it into the line up. I am definitely going to invest in a pair.

I would love to know what your favorite travel shoes are…leave me a comment below!

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