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Interview with Andrea Amptman

Andrea was first drawn to the world of spirit at age 18 after taking classes at a meditation center. A self-professed skeptic, she soon awakened to the realization of the importance of life beyond the physical dimension and immersed herself in learning more about the metaphysical world.

Ani and AndreaAndrea does not focus on “fortune-telling,” but instead brings one’s guides through to help them understand they are creating their own reality.   She furthered her spiritual work—teaching classes,  holding private sessions, doing aura photography, dream education, advising on psychic phone lines, and worked at metaphysical bookstores part time giving readings and classes.

Andrea’s work evolved from part time to full time and she now advises clients all over the US, in Canada and the UK.  She travels to Hawaii several times a year to see private clients, and hold workshops and plans to expand to other areas.

Andrea also does phone sessions and has the ability to “tune in” long distance while accessing one’s guides.  Currently, she is developing on-line classes, writing a “how-to” book on connecting with spirit and collaborating on a line of metaphysical products.

Andrea wants anyone interested in learning more about their guides & metaphysics to know that the ability to communicate with spirit is something that we all have available to us – it can be a fun, enlightening path open to anyone willing to take the steps on their spiritual journey.

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  1. Mandy:
    Wow did not know you had a webpage up and running. I will see if I can find out the name of the person on the news that may be of resource to the development of your site. Will check out your interviews with your friend Andrea. Love


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