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Pressed Juicery selection

Juice Junkie Report

Be sure to read my earlier post about juicing—this is an update to that one!

While traveling to CA, Toronto and NYC for over three weeks, I went a little vacay cray cray and indulged in a lot of “bad” foods; i.e., desserts, gluten, dairy, french fries and pizza. I did manage to eat several times at my favorite Plant restaurant celebrating each meal with fabulous dark chocolate ginger cookies.

Pressed Juicery is open!I called Pressed Juicery to see if they had opened, and was so happy to hear they opened June 12th. I flew in on June 28, and on July 1, I headed to Ala Moana.

I was very disappointed to see their daily juice cleanse is $9.50 more than in CA, but it’s Hawaii and everything is more expensive due to shipping.

I inquired if the juices were being pressed on the islands and was informed they were shipped in from Santa Monica daily.

Hawaii Pressed Juicery prices are:

  • Greens – $7.50
  • Signature – $9.00
  • H20 – $3.50

I started with a three-day cleanse that I tweaked a little from their standard formula.

No 3 Greens
No 3 Greens
PJ almond vanilla shake
Vanilla almond shake
Lemon H20
Lemon H20
Chlorophyll H20
Chlorophyll H20

For each day I ordered:

  • (4) #3 greens: apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, kale, lemon, parsley, romaine and spinach – 140 calories
  • (2) Vanilla almond shakes: almond, dates, sea salt and vanilla bean – 420 calories
  • (1) Lemon H20: cayenne, filtered water and lemon (*I substituted this for the aloe vera water) – 10 calories
  • Chlorophyll H20: chlorophyll and filtered water – 0 cal calories

Instead of the aloe vera water, included in the daily juice cleanse package, I wanted the lemon cayenne water. The aloe vera and chlorophyll water are supposed to aide in digestion and raise alkaline levels.

The total calories per day was 1270.

Welcoming staff at PJ
The welcoming staff at the new Pressed Juicery.

Without the special daily juice cleanse price of $49.50, the juices would have cost $55 per day.

I never drink four green drinks in a day, so I purchased two more vanilla almond shakes and planned for a four-day cleanse.

My cleanse was heavenly, and my body and digestive system were thrilled by their internal respite.

Being the compulsive overachiever that I am, I decided to extend my cleanse to seven days. I went back down to PJ but only purchased nine greens and six vanilla almond shakes.

Additional handy items.
Additional handy items from Whole Foods.

I also had master cleanse packets, chlorophyll and aloe vera juice at home. It is much more economical to make your own. My last three-day juicing budget added up to $40.50 per day.

Pressed Juicery also offers a package of five juices (four juices and one signature drink) for $35.50.

Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 7:00 AM – 9:30 AM and Sunday 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM.

Don’t forget to read my earlier post about juicing too. This is an update to that one!

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