Mini-Portable Speakers

Mini Portable SpeakerI have several sizes of bluetooth portable speakers. For a bigger, fuller sound, I love my UE (ultimate ears) boom.

However, when I travel, I pack a mini-portable speaker. I purchased the SoundBot SB510 splash resistant wireless speaker on sale for $12.99 on Amazon. It had decent reviews and included free shipping. It worked perfectly!

You might think a portable mini-speaker is a definite non-essential item to pack, but mine has come in handy countless times: I use it to DJ on long car rides, when teaching the Maha Mrityunjaya or Gayatri Mantra chants, I like to play them over and over. When we have downtime in India, I use my SoundBot to help with hula and yoga lessons, guided meditations and yoga nidra.

UE now offers a new smaller, waterproof portable speaker called the UE Roll. The Roll has a free app that you can double the sound with as well as use as an alarm clock to wake up to your favorite song in the morning. I really like the size of the UE Roll – it fits easily into my handbag without making it too heavy.