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Resonance Repatterning

If I had somehow known about Resonance Repatterning in my early childhood days, I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and detrimental emotional and physical grief. Over the years, I have designated my spiritual, emotional and physical well-being as a top priority. I have been dedicated to my personal healing journey, which entails a very long list of healers and healing modalities and one of the first healing modalities that helped me very much was Holographic Repatterning, recently renamed Resonance Repatterning.

Resonance Repatterning is a healing system developed over 25 years ago by Chloe Wordsworth. According to the Resonance Repatterning Institute: “Resonance Repatterning is a system that allows you to identify and change your resonance with out-of-sync frequency patterns that cause any problem you have in your life and stop you from living your intentions to the full”. Through kinesiology (muscle testing) a Resonance Repatterning practitioner can identify in the client the energetic frequencies that are not resonating at optimal levels and assist the client through different healing modalites to alter or eliminate the frequency that is limiting or blocking the manifestation of a positive, powerfully-intended life.”

Further, the Resonance Repatterning Institute states as their vision: “The Life Energy that sustains and maintains life is Spirit or unconditional love. When our energy frequencies are in-sync, we automatically resonate with what is life-enhancing and coherent. The more coherent we are, the more our thinking, attitudes and feeling responses resonate with the frequency of love, which gives us the confidence to face life’s challenges with equanimity and to commit to our journey of healing and wholeness. Every positive change we make within ourselves – each one of us being a minuscule part of the whole – creates a ripple effect that benefits the whole. This vision is based on the foundational understanding that all matter consists of energy; that what we resonate with determines what we experience; that self-healing and extraordinary change are possible when the frequencies of our body, emotions and mind are in sync or coherent; that no matter how hard the circumstances of our life may be, there is always hope.”

Lynn Morgan, Resonance Repatterning specialist
Lynn Morgan, Resonance Repatterning specialist

I first learned about Resonance Repatterning six years ago after retiring from a ten-year career of manufacturing, importing, wholesaling and retailing when Rupali gifted me a Resonance Repatterning session with Lynn Morgan. At that point in my life, I had not done much healing work on myself and had a mountain of  “crap” I had stuffed down in my emotional basement.  Completely eager to start my healing excavation, I went to my session thoroughly open to the process and whatever might come up for me.

Lynn muscle-tested me and discovered that I was showing a blockage in my throat chakra.  After further investigation, we discovered that I had unresolved issues with my business partner.  My business partner and I had worked side-by-side for over ten years and we were the best of friends.  When I made the decision to exit the business and sell my half of it to my business partner, it seemed like an amicable split on the surface. My partner seemed to be okay with it, but I am guessing now that maybe she was very hurt and might have felt abandoned.  In the end, so much was left unsaid and there was a subtle layer of underlying hurt that resulted in the shutting-down of our once open and respectful lines of communication. For months after I left the partnership, I had dreams about my partner regularly and I truly missed our friendship.  It was as if my partner erased me from her life and she treated the resolution of our business partnership like a divorce.

Lynn helped me to resolve the hurt feelings and confused emotions that I had and did not know how to process. The main healing modality she used with this issue was a kind of virtual role-playing and she directed me to pretend as if my partner was sitting across from me and guided me to have the conversation we never had. It was as if a dam was being released as I poured out the many thoughts, emotions, accusations, hurts and apologies that I had been bottling up. Even though my partner was not there to hear the words or to participate in dialogue with me, the tremendous energetic shift I felt was a colossal emotional and physical release.

Today after many years of working on my “stuff” it is so comforting and empowering to know I have Lynn—a gifted, compassionate, insightful facilitator of Resonance Repatterning—to help me address and transform any and all experiences that come up for me that keep me from resonating at my highest levels.  Removing all my blockages, becoming a crystal clear channel, and attaining and maintaining my optimum vibrational levels are my biggest goals and today and I can honestly say that I graciously welcome all the “stuff” that comes up for me.  I am open to addressing all that rears its head (of whatever is non-resonating) and I know that through my healing work that I can embrace, transform and move anything not serving my highest good along its way.

To demonstrate the positive results of a session with Resonance Repatterning practitioner Lynn Morgan, I have put together this video clip of a session between a practioner and client. In this video, you will see an in-depth and personal session facilitated by practitioner Lynn Morgan with client Kaui Nichols as they address Kaui’s emotional issue with abandonment and how it has affected her relationships and life goals. For a session with Lynn, please contact her via her website, phone: 808-722-3581 or e-mail her.

I asked (my dear friend and fellow Zumba Goddess) Kaui to appear in this demonstration as the receiving client because she had not yet done any energetic or clearing work prior to this.  She had no idea what Resonance Repatterning was and not a clue to what a session entailed. After the session Kaui told me that three minutes into it when guided by Lynn to do a rainbow breath breathing exercise for her throat chakra, she was saying to herself, “I hate Mandy” and “What was I thinking of letting her talk me into this?” Kaui realized immediately while in session that because of the muscle testing, she was not going to be able to make up answers to the questions asked of her.  She told herself to trust me (Mandy) and to trust in the process. What really caught her off-guard was during the beginning of the session, she made two statements of future goals that she would like to achieve.  When she stated them out loud, in her mind and heart she thought she believed them to be one hundred percent true.  When Lynn’s fingers pointed downward to indicate that Kaui’s body and energetic field did not resonate with the statement—meaning she really did not believe her own words—she was dumbfounded.  But, after thirty-five minutes of delving into her past (or energetic history), identifying energy blocks and clearing them, positive energetic shifts were accomplished and in the process were so divine to witness. Kaui was then able to make the same statements that she had made in the beginning of the session and truly resonate with them.  As Lynn commented on the new sparkle in Kaui’s eyes, she reminded her: “What we resonate with—shows up in our lives.”

Two weeks after the session, Kaui was so excited to report that while she was sharing with a friend her current new goal of buying a home, it was at that exact moment that she had a “Light-bulb-AHA! Moment.”  She truly realized right then—as she was uttering the words—that she really did believe it and knew it to be absolutely true in every bone in her body.  She knew it was not only possible, but that her desire was manifesting as she was speaking the words.

Talking with Lynn during our interview, I asked her if Kaui’s new frequency and perception could lapse back to her original set-point and if it could, what did Kaui need to do to keep the frequency resonating at that new positive level. Lynn told me that Kaui needed to take appropriate positive actions to keep that frequency at that new alignment.  As it turned out, Kaui intuitively did exactly that!  By sharing with her friends and family her new goals, she reinforced and strengthened the maintenance and securement of the new favorable energetic vibration.

If you want to learn more about Resonance Repatterning, listen in while I interview Lynn Morgan as she gives further insight on Resonance Repatterning:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Wishing you happy clearings as you continue resonating to the beautiful, wondrous, unfathomable life that awaits you!



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  1. thank you mandy for this interesting article! and thank you kaui for being willing to share your personal life with us and allowing us to view your experience with lynn. 🙂

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