Tracking Devices

Ani, my shopping partner in crime, calls me the Queen of Gadgets. And even though I have very limited skills on how to assemble, sync, activate or use the brilliant technology, I do appreciate all things innovative.

I realized I had fallen behind in the pursuit of the latest and greatest gadgets last week when I discovered the bluetooth tracking device. Bluetooth tracking devices assist you in finding anything you’ve lost: phone, purse, keys, dog, camera, luggage. The tracking capability is the same used in “Find Your Phone” bluetooth technology.

I was shocked over how many competing trackers were available for sale. After several hours of researching the multiple options, reading reviews from the “tech experts” and scanning testimonials from Amazon customers, I purchased a four pack of Tile Trackers for $70.

It was a close race between: Stick N Find, Protag Elite and the Tile.

All the devices offered similar features, had equal pros and cons, so, I could have easily employed the sophisticated decision making method of Eenie Meenie Miney Mo! In the end, it came down to aesthetics, and the lure of the optional decorative cool stickers for an additional $18 made the TILE the prettiest product.

The most disappointing feature of the TILE tracker is the fact that its nonreplaceable battery dies in one year, and you can purchase replacement tiles for $12. I don’t mind this, as I figure there will be a new and improved bluetooth tracker within a year anyway.

I received my tiles within four days and stickers in seven. One of my tiles did not work, and after chatting online with their help center, the problem was resolved in 24 hours.

Each bluetooth tracking company has informative tutorial videos to highlight and explain the features of their tracking devices.

Two of the best reviews I came across were:

An important thing I learned from the entire exercise is that bluetooth trackers are not very reliable when it comes to tracking lost luggage. The best luggage trackers not only utilize bluetooth but GSM as well.

Trakdot Luggage TrackerThe top two products seem to be the Trakdot Luggage Tracker and the The Lug Loc.

Lug Loc Luggage LocatorThe Lug Loc had better reviews, because its battery lasted approx. 15 days versus Trakdot’s 20 hours.